Forever Fly Clothing Commercial

The CEO of ForeverFly shows you how Fly his clothing line is.

Written/Produced by :
Anthony J. Sturdivant x IamVMN

Directed/Animated by:
Leondotcom x Mudwingmedia


Muzi Blaz3 – Stay In Tune (Directed by @ant_sturd84)

Muzi Blaz3
Stay In Tuned
Monster Mixtape
K-Town Records

Directed by:
Anthony J. Sturdivant x IamVMN

Think Before You Shoot 3

Think Before You Shoot 3 is the 3rd installment to the Think Before You Shoot series. #TB4YS is a form of entertainment that connects the audience to the reality of violence that exists in cites like Chicago and many others across America.

Written/Produced – Anthony J. Sturdivant @Ant_Sturd84
Directed – Leondotcom x MUDWINGMEDIA @leonchicago
Cinematography – Dartise x DartiseMediaDesign
Post Production – MUDWINGMEDIA
Kevin Hope – Father 1
Jada Rich – Daughter 1
Merk Murphy – Father 2
Jasmine Johnson – Daughter 2