Think Before You Shoot 3

Think Before You Shoot 3 is the 3rd installment to the Think Before You Shoot series. #TB4YS is a form of entertainment that connects the audience to the reality of violence that exists in cites like Chicago and many others across America.

Written/Produced – Anthony J. Sturdivant @Ant_Sturd84
Directed – Leondotcom x MUDWINGMEDIA @leonchicago
Cinematography – Dartise x DartiseMediaDesign
Post Production – MUDWINGMEDIA
Kevin Hope – Father 1
Jada Rich – Daughter 1
Merk Murphy – Father 2
Jasmine Johnson – Daughter 2


Think Before You Shoot 4 Extras

Think Before You Shoot 4 Extras

Think Before You Shoot 4 is coming close to the shooting date… 3-30-2013… we need extras! Please contact us at for more info on how to be a part of this important visual and message. Your role is just as important as the others.

Think Before You Shoot Stickers

Think Before You Shoot Stickers

Think Before You Shoot stickers has arrived! Contact creator and writer/producer of short film series Anthony J. Sturdivant to get stickers and support.